PUBG Mobile Livik Map: All you need to know

PUBG Mobile Livik map has been launched in this new update. The update 0.19.0 And with Season 14 the new map is making its way to the game called Livik Map. This new map was teased in the development phase as the Secret Map and showcased in beta. PUBG Mobile is a very popular game, especially on android and ios devices. And so many users also spend much money on in-app purchases. So we are going to see what is new in this season and this new map.

PUBG Mobile: Livik map details

The new smaller map called Livik has aster paced action-packed matches, making it the first-ever battle royale map to have 15-minute long matches. Specially created for players that shuffle between various work schedules and life commitments through the day

In the PUBG Mobile Livik map, the team was travelling through the Nordic region. And was taken aback by the landscape or terrain. Hence they have included new and unique landmarks, terrain changes, and themes. In this map different from anything players have witnessed in the past.

With the addition of waterfalls, players fear the chance of getting washed away with the rapid waterfowl. This will lead to the development of new skills and tactics such as launching a motorboat from the top of a waterfall into the water below.

While these are some of the few aspects mentioned by the team of developers. We’re sure that PUBG MOBILE has many more surprises to be uncovered. Stay tuned to find out exactly what they have up their sleeve.

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PUBG Mobile Livik Map: All you need to know

PUBG Mobile Livik Map weapons


It has a very long range and excellent damage. Used to take on enemies from a distance as well as close up due to the large clip. It also allows for a grip attachment which brings down the recoil quite a bit.


This weapon was already added as an arena weapon hence the players have a very good idea about it. This weapon can be devastating in short and medium distances. It has a large magazine which means it can be used to take on whole teams alone. And the high rate of fire ensure high DPS.

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Livik map: Best drop places

Midtstein: This is located centrally and has a lot of buildings for cover, making it an ideal landing place.

Hot Spring: Though not the most centrally located, this place does have some good spots to take fights.

Gronhus: This place isn’t as massive as Midtstein, however there square measure different settlements near wherever you’ll take shelter quickly.

Power Plant: This is a large building which means a lot of places to hide and snipe other people.

Crabgrass: Similar to Gronhus, and has different settlements close to act as supporting locations.

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