Jio Glass Price: Hello, friends, as you see in the news Reliance, announced Jio Glass. Reliance has conduct 43rd Annual general meeting. And in this meeting, they told about their financial positions. They told about their future strategies such as their future plans etc. and their upcoming products. And this year also reliance has launched its new product called Jio Glass. so we are going to see Jio Glass Price And What Is Reliance Jio Glass?

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What is jio Glass?

Jio Glass Price And What Is Reliance Jio Glass?

Jio Glass is a new Mixed Reality solution. They demonstrated how this will help schools and businesses with classes and meetings respectively. However, they did not explain how it works.

With the help of the Jio Glass, the users will be able to create a 3D virtual room. Where others can join and conduct a class or a meeting. Using these 3D virtual rooms. The users will be able to use holographic images of self, showcase graphs, and other presentations. they say it uses virtual reality.

  • What is Virtual reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) is the use of technology to make a simulated environment. Unlike traditional user interfaces, Virtual Reality places the user inside an experience. rather than viewing a screen ahead of them, users are immersed and ready to interact with 3D worlds.

By doing a simulation of as many senses as possible, like vision, hearing, touch, even smell. the pc is transformed into a gatekeeper to the present artificial world.

the sole limits to near-real VR experiences are the supply of content and cheap computing power.

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  • What is Virtual reality Headset?

A Virtual Reality or computer game headset may be a head-mounted device that gives computer game for the wearer. Virtual Reality headsets are widely used for video games.

and also utilized in other applications, including trainers or simulators. Head-mounted gadgets include a display, stereo sound, and head motion tracking sensors (which may include gyroscopes, accelerometers, magnetometers, etc.). Some VR headsets even have eye-tracking sensors and gaming controllers.

How Jio Glass Work?

In the demonstration of Jio Glass, Kiran Thomas, President RIL said, “Hello Jio, please call Aakash and Isha.” After which the Jio Glass made a call to Aakash and Isha Ambani. Aakash was shown as a 3D avatar, whereas, Isha joined in employing a 2D video call interface.

During the decisionit had been shown how Jio Glass will make performing meetings easy and interactive. “Jio Glass is at the leading edge of technology that gives best-in-class Mixed Reality services. to offer users a very meaningful immersive experience,” said Kiran Thomas. President, Reliance Industries Limited during the keynote

During RIL AGM 2019, Jio showcased a Mixed Reality Headset HoloBoard, which had similar functionalities. The Jio Glass seems to be the follow up thereto project.

The Jio Glass will weigh 75 grams and can get to be connected to a smartphone with a cable to power it.

the corporate has said that it’ll accompany 25 in-built apps. to permit augmented reality video meetings and more.

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Jio Glass Price ?

While the company did not reveal the pricing and the availability details at the event. Jio Glass is expected to cost around INR 14000 Rs. The device, which will be soon available for both individual users and businesses in India, will be shipping starting next month in August.Jio Glass Price.

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