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To improve India’s economic power we have to support Indian companies and buy only Indian products. if you are thinking about buying a laptop in 2020 hear are some Indian brands from where you can buy the best laptops so here are some Indian Laptop company list.

iBall (Indian Laptop Companies)

iBall is an Indian consumer company owned by Anil Parasrampuria, Shreans Daga & Varun Daga. iBall companies headquartered is situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. From there they import computer peripherals, smartphones, and tablets from original equipment manufacturers.
iBall started actual work in September 2001 by just selling a computer mouse.

As of 2011, the corporate sold consumer electronics products in 27 different product categories.
In 2014, Andi Uddaan smartphone for ladies have been launched by Iball.  The phone sounds a loud siren and automatically sends text messages to 5 pre-selected contacts when pressed when the SOS button pressed.
In May 2015, iBall launched the iBall Slide i701 together with Intel and Microsoft.
In May 2016, iBall in a planned partnership with Intel and Microsoft claimed to have launched India’s most affordable Windows 10 Laptop – iBall CompBook at ₹9,999. Some of its sleek-designed laptops are Aer3 and i360FHD. (Indian Laptop Companies).

Micromax :

Micromax is an Indian company headquartered in Gurugram,
Haryana, India. It was organized as an IT software company operating in the embedded devices domain.
Micromax company later set foot in the mobile handset business. year after year by 2010, Micromax was one of the largest domestic companies making handsets in the low-cost feature phone section in India. in 2014, Micromax is the tenth largest smartphone vendor in the world. The company is facing firm competition from Chinese companies that are nauseating the Indian market.
Amidst growing competition, the company has been trying to position itself as a consumer electronics company.
Mohit Sharma, Dewas & Rohit Patel, co-founder of Micromax Nagora stated that the other segments would contribute
to 20% of overall revenue.


HCL  is an Indian multinational information technology service company Originally a search and development
The company has offices in 44 countries including the UK, us, France, and Germany.
One of the prominent brands within the laptop segment in India, HP has launched two new laptop models. the 2 new laptops are named Omen 15 and HP Pavilion Gaming 16 gaming. The Omen 15 and Gaming 16 laptops are now being unveiled in India following the worldwide launch last month. The HP Omen 15 comes with a revised frame and a replacement Omen logo while the Pavilion Gaming 16 is HP’s first 16-inch gaming laptop. HP introduced two processor variants in the laptop models.


Wipro is also a trending laptop or accessories company in India. Wipro provides very good quality laptops in a very affordable price range. I personally used Wipro laptops they are very good for students who just start learning programming languages. it’s a very good option to buy a laptop for study in their budget range. the laptop range starts from 14000 to 80000 with so many varieties. or with your home town service center. so if you are thinking about an Indian budget laptop then WIPRO is one of the best choices for you. The headquarter of Wipro is in Bangalore, Karnataka.


RDP was founded in the year 2012 by Vikram Redlapalli in India.
It provides a wide range of Laptops, Tablets,
Thin Clients and Desktops for both personal uses as well as business applications at affordable prices.
It has also extended its operations up to Africa and the Middle East.
These laptops are great for daily use, work from home, and even for online classes,
which are some of the most sought-after functions in today’s date. Its sleek ThinBook2 and
ThinBook2 K12 are two great models that are not only affordable but also provided with One Year On-site Warranty.


AGB is also an India-based company that manufactures fast and powerful laptops.
The company started as a devotee of simple PCs but slowly obtained a market for gaming laptops.
The company is based in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. As per its official website, it provides ‘thin Clients,
Mini PC’s & Commercial Desktop PC’s equipped with the highest commercial grade components’.
Some amazing models of AGP laptops are AGP Orion RA-3110 and AGB Orion Zq-0812.


Smartron India was founded in the year 2014 by Founder and Chairman Mukesh Lingareddy with its headquarters in Hyderabad.
The company’s vision is to make a strong product ecosystem in India that will be capable to compete globally.
The and flex are two of the best models of laptops that range.
The laptop’s different design also provides a stand that makes usage easier.
Unlike other laptops, the USB ports along with the buttons are provided around the screen rather than the keyboards.


Lava International is primarily a mobile brand,
but it’s spread its wings and even designed some affordable and feature-filled laptops also.
It established its ground in India within the year 2009. Its Chairman and director Hari Om Rai
started the corporate to empower people by giving the simplest in their hands.
It has its complete and style and manufacturing found out in India. Lava Laptops range from 13,000 to 16,000.
Its latest design is the Lava Twinpad, which may be used as a tablet and a laptop.


Coconics may be a unique public-private Laptop and Server manufacturing company from the State of Kerala.
Coconics is backed by the govt of Kerala and has support Intel to manufacture products in IT under the ‘Make in India’ initiative. As per its official site, Coconics’ plant located in Manvila on the outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram and features a capacity to manufacture 250,000 laptops per annum.
Its famous models include GYMNAST – C1C11 / C1C11W Series and ENABLER – C1C11 / C1C11 W Series.


Why Most of the laptops are made by the world and not India.
The most instrumental countries in the manufacturing of laptops are U.S.A and China.
There is absolutely no technical reason for not manufacturing in India.
Don’t get sucked by the hashtag made in China brand.
In INDIA we need some essentials for electronics for example like Semiconductors.
and these Semiconductors are made in the USA, Dubai, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and a few European nations.
YES, But Design and software come from the USA.

China assembles it That is putting all parts together. Then they brand it as made in China.
The availability of skilled labor and favorable infrastructure in China facilitates the manufacturing of laptops easier.
and this factor is not available in India.
The companies allow this to happen as the final plastics and casings are made in China even though major working components
are Taiwanese or Korean.
But the good news is with the increasing demand for laptops in India the government
is trying to manufacture chips in the country itself. This may change a lot of things in the coming future.

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